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Shipping Info
Full service shipping:
You can ship from this location. 
When shipping a package, you will either be required to provide an account number or pay for the shipment at the time of shipping.
You can also pick up from this location.
Some packages will be delivered to this location if they cannot be delivered to the recipient.
Some packages will come directly to this location to be held for pick up.
Please note
When a package is dropped at this location, it will be held for 5 business days.  If the package is not picked up or other arrangements have been made, it will be returned to the shipper after 5 days
When Picking Up Your Package
When you are picking up your package, you will require photo identification that matches the address on the package. 

If your photo identification does not match the address on the package, you will require something as proof of residency (a utility bill, a lease agreement, a credit card statement or a bank statement) that has your name and the address that matches the package. 

A person who is not named on the package but has the exact same address as what is on the package will usually be able to pick up the parcel for you.  In some instances, ONLY the person named on the package will have the ability to pick up.

If you are picking up a package on behalf of a company, you will be required to show written permission from the company on company letterhead.  If you are a sole proprietor of a company, your business license or corporate return, showing your name and the company name will suffice.  You will still be required to show photo identification.

If you have a company that may have a number of employees picking up packages, a letter on company letterhead listing each employee will be required.  They will still need to show photo identification.

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